One Novel Shelved, Another Rises

Things have been moving along since my last post. I finally finished my contest entry, and sent it in. Sadly the painting didn’t win, or even place, but I’m still pretty proud of it.

Here it is for those interested:

painting of peregrine on the rocky shoreline
Peregrine Shores 13″x18″ Acrylic on Claybord

This painting took around 42 hours, and is acrylic on claybord. It was painted for the Oregon Habitat Conservation Stamp Contest.

My writing hasn’t quite gone as hoped either. I finished edits on The Feather, sent it out for reader feedback, and got some really great notes from my primary CP. Unfortunately there were some plot and pacing issues that I hadn’t noticed. The plot is mostly easy fixes, but it was likely born of not taking enough time away from the story. Not looking at it fresh.

While my CP was providing feedback though, I was digging my way into a new novel. I decided it was best to continue work on the new novel, Rise, and that I’d pick up The Feather again in the new year. I feel like I can see the potential of The Feather, but it’s still not yet the novel I want it to be. So it’s shelved for now.

Rise however, is really coming along. I just hit the midpoint the other day, and I’m feeling really good about this story. So far things have a very natural progression, and it falls within the 3 act story (which I’ve broken into 4 acts, whhaaaatt????) outline pretty well. I think every novel I write will be better. I’ve already learned a lot about plot, pacing, edits–there’s a definite improvement from where I was before.

I am writing part of Rise’s first draft along with NaNo. I probably wont win this year, I’m woefully behind. It’s fun to keep track all the same. I would love to have the rough draft finished this month, but with everything else going on, that really wont happen. So I’m aiming for the rough draft being done by the end of December. Then a heavy polish and edits, and maybe, just maybe, querying in the spring.