Art Update

I haven’t updated anything here in a while so I figured I’d start with an art update. I’d like to get back to posting regularly, so I’ll figure out what schedule I want to go with, and stick to it.

Last year was a busy year for me as far as art went. This year I’ve been more writing focused, as I have a novel I’m getting ready to query.

As far as art goes last year I started with an entry for the Michigan Duck Stamp Contest. This was an entry I started back in 2016, but failed to finish in time to enter due to life issues. I managed to get back at it in 2017 though, and completed it in time for the contest where it tied for 5th place. This entry sold almost immediately after the contest.

Morning Bluebills 7"x9" in golden heavy body acrylic. The original has sold, but prints are available
Morning Bluebills

After this I worked hard on an entry for the Federal Contest. This was my first time entering. I used reference photos I took myself for all of these paintings by the way. The harlequin duck I was lucky enough to shoot over our honeymoon in Seattle.

Harlequin Drake 7"x10" acrylic
Harlequin Drake

This entry got two “in” votes in round 1. 3 in votes are required to advance, so I didn’t make it into the next round, but I had a LOT of fun and look forward to participating again at some point.

I then started on a painting for my falconry sponsor, as a thank you for letting me apprentice under him for two years. This is a painting of his harris hawk, Cappy.

Caprica 7"x10"

Lastly this year in March I went on a falconry trip up to PA. I had the opportunity to watch some friends fly/hunt their birds, attempted to fly mine (he was fat), and was able to purchase a second bird from one of the friends I made on my trip. As a thank you to a friend for letting me crash at his place while I was up there, and just for being awesome in general, I did this small 5″x7″ painting of his peregrine Evo, who is a kickass bird.


And that’s about it for my art update. I have a few other paintings in the works, or planned out, but due to edits and some other life events I haven’t had the time to really work on art. I will try to sit down again at some point, but with the writing focus this year and the sheer amount of finished paintings I produced last year, I may need some time to get back into it.

Most of my blog posts will probably be 3D or writing related in the next few weeks, but I’ll try to work out a schedule so I’m posting regularly again.